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Mike Safer Featured Club Member

Meet Mike Safer of Cedar Grove, NJ
Mike smiles in front of a table covered with marbles that He has acuired over the years.

Mike Safer, our current featured member, is the owner of a plumbing supply house in Bellville, NJ called Bel-Ridge supply. He is a married father of three kids, Jake, Danny and Sarah. Abbie is his wife of 15 years.

Mike has been collecting bottles since he was eleven years old when he found a Warranted Flask in an old gristmill in Rhode Island. This simple bottle started the collecting bug and Mike still has the bottle in his collection.

Club factoid: Mike's two boys Jake and Danny sometimes go diggin with dad... and TEAR IT UP!

A safire mug-based blobtop soda from Newark, NJ
Mike tells us that this is his favorite bottle that he has dug to date.

Mike has so many bottles in his collection that its difficult to determine which is his favorite. I will try to show the vast collection in the next several photos. Its apparently a close toss-up between a beautiful saffire blue, mug-based soda from Newark, NJ and another bottle that he dug this past summer.

a beautiful cabinet full of bottles

With 33 years of digging and various other methods of amassing his collection of bottles, the 44 year-old has put together quite a full spectrum catalogue. The cabinets above and below are only two of many in his home.

labelled appothecaries and go-withs

Mike and Abbie share a love of antiques, their house itself being of 1890s vintage. The cabinets that Mike keeps his bottles and other collectibles in are antiques as well. The cabinets actually have a "northwind" theme that reoccures through-out the house. Its quite facinating and gorgeous.


Much like Thadd, the previous feature, Mike is a generous club member. He enjoys bringing other club members along on his digs and seems as excited by others good fortune as his own. Mike has asked me on several digs with him and I have done well on most of these outings. Mike always shares the stories of his digs with the club at our meetings and oftentimes will bring examples of his finds to show us.

A pair of tavern bottles of mid 1700s vintage
The painted hunting scenes that encircle the bottles are believed to be of authentic vintage

Mike has many interests as well as the bottles and he gains these many items through various methods including; digging (first and foremost), trading, gifts, and purchase to name a few. I know that some things find their way to him through his business. There is a sign up that states "I buy old bottles"!

Club factoid: Mike has a classic 1969 Firebird Convertible


Mike does have alot of bottles and amazingly enough he does actually focus on one point of interest now... Newark, N.J. based bottles. His collection of Newark items range from sodas and beers through milks to whiskeys and even medicines! Mike also has many stoneware crocks, jugs and bottles from his beloved Newark.

Various points and ivory that Mike has found

One of the stranger things Mike has found!
This specimen jar with snake still coiled inside is possibly the strangest thing found yet.

a nice photo of various items Mike dug up
These were found at different times in different locations in NJ

Mike and Abbie Safer

Thanx Mike! We'll see ya at the next meeting!

Another club member coming in a couple of months....

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